Johan Terink

Agile Coach

"Spontanious and driven to achieve technical excellence"

Johan is a long time friend of Koen. Johan is not the typical gamer. He became interested in tripple A titles during his study. He did play on older systems during the ninetees. Johan is keen on philosophy and is very active on different forums around the internet.

Johan met Koen at high school. After a few years of work, Johan & Koen chose to do the same study¬†independently of one another. Johan has always been interested in the technical side of game development and is therefore responsible for the technical side of the company. Johan has his own company “Ambient Coding” specialized in web-development. Johan and Koen decided to partner up in September 2013 to create games for KeokeN Interactive and develop websites for several clients. This way they make it possible to survive in both industries.

One of his dreams is to get these companies on the road as an entrepreneur. He loves to dream about new technologies and is curious where the game industry is going in ten years time.

– Graduating BA Computer Science, Game Development (Game Technology), Applied University of Amsterdam
– Founder AmbienZ

– Moderator at several forums.
– Climbing
– Visits different book presentations

Specialties: Multitasking, Programming, Webdevelopment