Koen Deetman

Game Director

"Ambitious, highly driven, people-oriented game producer"

At the age of thirteen Koen started a ‘team’ within the online gaming community of Soldier of Fortune 2, a first person shooter game. His goal was to achieve the first place in the international ranking of 500 + clans, which succeeded him after four years. To this day, he leads his teams to success with the same passion, both in his work as a game producer at the game company ‘Gamious’ in Amsterdam and in his own company ‘KeokeN Interactive’.
He is building a strong international network with peers and stimulates new insights and ideas through his blog.

His biggest dream is to steer a leading international game company, where employees work with great passion and energy on new innovative games for various sectors within the industry as multimedia entertainment, healthcare, education and science. Working with international and multidisciplinary teams he sees as an important success factor.

– BA Computer Science, Game Development (Game Design), Applied University of Amsterdam
– Former Game Producer for project iO (Expandaball, Size Matters)
– Founder KeokeN Interactive

– Play Games and develop new games
– Make photos for fashion blogger ‘Rocknrollerr’
– Organize the free Techno Dance Festival ‘Deep, Deeper, Deepest’
– Visits North Sea Jazz Festival

Specialties: Team Building, Team Motivation, Leading Teams, Quality Control