Paul Deetman

Creative Director & Composer

"Connecting sound and emotion"

Paul is the younger brother of Koen. Paul has a short history of online gaming. He helped Koen kickstart the Soldier of Fortune 2 clan ‘VidocQ’ that later achieved a number 1 ranking in the international ladder competitions. Paul is a perfect example of a ‘midcore’ gamer. He likes to play games on PC, Mac and Consoles as much as playing on his tablet or smartphone.

Huminal are two young, up-and-coming and energetic artists primarily active in the electronic music industry as producers and DJ’s. The duo consists of Paul Sebastiaan Deetman (1990) and his friend Jelle Anton Jansen (1990).

Creating music is the raison d’être for Paul and Jelle and they spend almost all of their free time in the studio. Tweaking synths, modulating filters and chopping up the weirdest samples gives them so much energy (and as they freely admit) is all highly addictive. All the hours spent in the studio have not gone unnoticed. In October 2011 Huminal won the ‘Demoltion contest’ during ADE-Next with their track ‘Greeksomnia’. The track was reviewed by a jury including Marc Romboy (Systematic Recordings), Paul Hamill (part of Psycatron), Renaat Vendepapeliere (owner of the legendary R&S Records), Dave Clarke and more. A truly important award for Paul and Jelle which has made them even keener to develop their own sound.

Composing for Games
Because his brother Koen was working on a career within the Game Industry, Paul didn’t wait around and started to create music for several game projects. As Paul got experience making music for games. Koen and Paul decided it’s a great advantage if they would combine these skillsets. Besides composing Paul is always bursting with ideas and concepts, therefore the creative lead within KeokeN Interactive and responsible for the inhouse-production of music and sound.

Paul & Jelle will continue to work hard on their current activities and it is obvious that a bright future lies ahead. Together with all the crazy parties coming up they will focus on building tracks in the studio where their own Live-set is being produced. The Live-set will be a powerful representation of the work as Huminal. Both of them will stay closely connected to KeokeN Interactive. They are the music & sound lead of the company. Together we strive for the same goals; Creating engaging, compelling and playfull games.

– BA Audio Engineering , Middlesex University, SAE Institute
– Winner Electronation Radio Show mix contest 2009
– Winner Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Part XVI 2011
“Greeksomnia” Winning track.
– Part of Electronic Music Producer Duo ‘Huminal’

– Creates different types of music
– Attends several Dance Parties in Amsterdam
– Organizes the free Techno Dance Festival ‘Deep, Deeper, Deepest’
– Visits North Sea Jazz Festival

Specialties: Creative Lead, Concepting, Idea Generator, Composing, Soundfx